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Philosophical Substrates and Core Values

Philosophical Substrates and Core Values:

The company believes in
1- In the twenty-first century, the Success in life will not depend on certificates, on the contrary, it will rely on skills and competences
2- As we are in a fast-paced world. Our company is focusing on all its activities to plane, build and implement a strong personality qualified for the labor market
3- The company works to determine the actual needs of the internal and external beneficiaries, and this, in turn, makes it the most capable of accommodating their roles

4- We are keen to provide beneficiaries with high-quality services.
5- The company focuses on possessing the competitive advantage to deservedly enter the global market.
6- We focus on human development and character building in all aspects, as a first pillar in the axis of sustainable development
7- The company believes that there is no development or progress for countries without advanced education, and provision high-quality educating, advisory and training services that meet the needs of the labor market at the local and global levels, and achieving the aspirations and capabilities of all segments of society.
8- Focusing on developing creative and innovative solutions to resolve current problems via the company’s various activities.
9- Focusing on the current reality and looking into the future.
10- Focusing on the practical application approach emanating from the beneficiaries themselves.
11- Underpinned on real education situations from the reality of the educating field.
12- Adopting the integration approach, in terms of linking theory and implementation.
13- Emphasis on adaptive learning, and beneficiaries’ preferences in selecting educating services.
14- Adopting the implementation of total quality in all planning, implementation, follow-up, evaluation, and impact measures.
15- Diversify learning sources, resources and tools; So that we can achieve the desired goals.
16- Reliance upon on harnessing modern learning and training methods that guide the participant to thinking, reflection and conclusion.

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