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مجالات العمل

Working Ranges

1- Providing educating services and consultations.
2-Puplicity and Advertising.
3- Developing smart device and web applications.
4-Design and evolvement of software and databases.

5- Create databases and electronic information systems.
6-Holding and organizing exhibitions, conferences, and seminars.
7-Production of electronic content in various forms.
8- Import, export and commercial agencies.
9- Establishing, operating and managing training centers.
10- Human resource development.
11-Accomplishing of procedures for our students in university abroad.
12-Preparing feasibility studies for projects abroad.
13-Preparing, developing and training human resources in the field of human development and engineering fields.
14-Establishing and managing sports academies and clubs.
15-Establishing universities and providing consultations.
16-Establishing, operating and managing schools and institutes of T.S.S education.
17 – Project management.

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