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Our Company success’s pillars in the creative work

Our Company success's pillars in the creative work

1- Provision a positive and interactive work environment.
2-Our company has a strong and wise (rational) leadership.
3- Our company selects the best human power in the fields of education, training, human resources, and engineering consultancy.
4- Our company uses up notch technological innovations in education and training.
5-Our company has strong managerial capacity.

6- We make the learner a partner of success, not a recipient of learning.
7- The company is adherence on motivation and encouraging, building a system of incentives, and continuous promotion.
8- The company is committed to determine the compass of the up forward direction.
9- The company is keen to develop the work team permanently.
10- The company adopts a quality management system in all education and training programs.
11-The company count on local and international standards, To select experts, trainers, and training rooms, and build scientific and training content to ensure comprehensive quality.
12-The company relies on questionnaires to measure the satisfaction of the beneficiaries. that leads to continuously improve and develop performance
13- The company id defining and deepening the organizational values in the employees and Beneficiaries, by establishing the value system.
14- Focusing on teamwork performance and collaboration thought.
15-Encouraging the spirit of independence and adventure in creative work.
16- Taking into regarded the humanitarian factor in the treatment with its employees .
17-Facilitating administrative procedures for employees and decentralizing management system.
18-Creating a flexible organizational environment that encourages creative work.
19-Consantracting on the human element as a human energy upon which creative work is based.

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